Do you too get nervous when the moment arrives to get back home in the evening, children and parents tired after the long day out, right when the kids need more attention and you still have to cook dinner?

The Learning Tower can save you in those moments: the children will be happy to help and you will be able to share with them a joyful moment!

Our CRESCO (“I grow up” in Italian) series was named after its possibility to follow the growth of your child, thanks to the possibility to displace the floor level at different heights, according to the kid’s height.

Designed and 100% Made in Italy, near Turin, this series was created from our direct experience, with attention to safety (vertical bars, Safety bar and stability system) and resistance (water-repellent), as well as to ease of use: the pieces of furniture are compact enough they can also be used in tiny kitchens and light enough to be easily moved by an adult.

Learning Tower

Even when they are very young, children love to participate with little tasks they can manage on their own, and their satisfaction when the outcome of their “effort” reaches the table is great.

Starting at around 12 months old, when the child is very curious towards our activities, the Learning Tower allows him/her to share with us the kitchen countertop to take part to some of the most interesting and useful activities of your house, among which the meal preparation, including weighting the ingredients, washing the vegetables, tasting, mixing, cutting, grating, sifting, pouring, etc.

Convertible Highchair

This model adds the Learning Tower to the Highchair and is therefore the ideal choice for those who want to make a single purchase and save space.

When used as High Chair, the Safety Bar is at the height of the table, the child is sitting on a cushion and secured through the waistband and central band.

The Highchair therefore allows the child to approach the table or, with the appropriate tray accessory, to have a dedicated countertop. In this configuration, it can be used around 6 months when the baby is able to sit by him/herself.

Starting from about 12 months, when the child learns to stand without the need for support, you can start to exploit the second nature of the piece of furniture: the Learning Tower.

Simply loosen the straps, put the pillow in the compartment and move the Safety bar to convert the Highchair to the Learning Tower, and prepare something tasty together.

With the inverse steps it will be a Highchair again, just after you have finished preparing dinner, to enjoy it all together.

For many months then you will be able to use the double function until the child has grown up so much that he/she wants to sit on a chair like “the grown-ups”.

Since your Highchair is convertible, however, its life does not end here: thanks to the ability to adjust the floor level in height, it can be used for a long time in the Learning Tower configuration.