Help me to do it myself

Learning Towers and Convertible Highchairs to discover something new everyday!


Mum, let's cook together!

What is the Learning Tower?

A tool that allows the children to take part in some of the most useful and interesting activities we do at home, including preparing meals.

Our choice: security

The robustness of plywood, water paints, all beveled edges, vertical bars, all of our choices are made to grant the safety of the little ones. Our prices always include the Stability system (pantent pending),
because safety comes first to us!

So many things to do together

The Learning Tower allows you to share with your child the kitchen countertop to take part to some of the most interesting and useful activities of your house, among which the meal preparation, including weighting the ingredients, washing the vegetables, tasting, mixing, cutting, grating, sifting, pouring, etc.

The voice of our customers

Rapidi e Puntuali nelle spedizioni e molto precisi. Il prodotto è molto utile vorrei averlo conosciuto prima! Mia figlia in 2 giorni scende e sale da sola e riesco a coinvolgerla molto! Straconsiglio!
Perfect, little one loves it. Arrived quickly.
Il prodotto è ben rifinito, stabile, solido e pratico. Ottimo acquisto, spedizione rapida, gentilezza e disponibilità del produttore assicurate. Grazie!
We love this learning tower! My 18 month old is very curious and enjoys being able to watch and interact with us in the kitchen. It is easy for him to get into even though he is still quite small. It is beautifully made and painted. It is slimmer than other towers we looked at, and fits well into our smaller kitchen, whilst still feeling very sturdy and safe.
Fantastica, mia figlia la usa molto ed è soddisfatta di stare alla nostra altezza e...cucinare!!!
Al mio bambino di un anno è piaciuta tantissimo, riesco a fare i piatti con lui vicino e finalmente guarda dalla finestra senza prenderlo in braccio. Spedizione veloce e senza problemi.